Contactless Payments

We now accept contactless on all of our buses. So now you don't need cash to travel*. Simply tap and go - it's that easy!

You can make contactless payments for any ticket payment up to 30, using any contactless card displaying the Visa or Mastercard logo.

We also accept payments via Apple Pay and Android Pay too!

* Please note: unfortunately contactless payment is not available for 7 & 28 day tickets on genie. This is
due to the card reader being in use with the genie card at the time of the transaction.

How it works..

Simply present your contactless card or device when you board the bus. The machine will then issue a receipt along with a ticket for your journey. Keep hold of your reciept and ticket for future reference.


What is contactless and how does it work on your buses?

Contactless is quick and easy!

If you have a contactless card or device (Apple Pay or Android Pay), you can now use these to pay for your travel on our buses*. Simply tell the driver where you are travelling to, then place your card or device on the reader. Wait briefly for a positive beep and then take a seat, it's as easy as that.

Is contactless available on all your buses?

Yes, we now have contactless available on all of our buses!

Which contactless cards can be used on your buses?

If your card was issued in the UK on Visa or MasterCard and displays the contactless payment symbol, you should be able to travel on our services using contactless. Some UK card providers don't or haven't yet issued contactless payment cards. You can't use your payment card to travel on our services if it does not display the contactless symbol or your card issuer has not advised you that it can be used for contactless payments. If you're not sure if your card is contactless, check with your card issuer.

Why is the limit 30?

The national limit for contactless payments in the UK has been set to 30, unfortunately we're unable to process single contactless transactions above this value.

For purchases of more than 30 you can pay in cash directly to the driver.

How do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, our drivers are only able to refund contactless transactions at the time of purchase within a certain time limit.

Our drivers are not able to provide a cash refund.

If you require a refund after the time of purchase, you will need to contact our customer services teams on 01773 714 013.

To help our customer service team to resolve your request they will need you to provide the following information:

- The service on which the ticket was purchased
- The price of the ticket you purchased (as shown on your ticket)
- The date and time (as shown on your ticket or receipt)
- The first 6 and last 4 digits of your card (this will be how it is shown on your receipt)
- Whether you paid via Apple or Google Pay

Any further questions?

We are more than happy to help with any enquiries that you may have about contactless payments. Please contact our customer services team on 01773 714 013 for further information.

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