Your Kangaroo Citycard is changing!

Over the next few months, your Kangaroo Citycard will be replaced by a new look Robin Hood card. When you next pop in to renew your card, or get your first card, you will be issued with a new look Robin Hood card. Until your card needs to be renewed, continue to use your Kangaroo Citycard.







Your new look card will work the same as before, just touch your card onto the reader as normal before boarding the tram or whilst boarding the bus. When using the train show your card to the ticket gate staff or on-train staff. Your new Robin Hood card will work on all the bus, tram and train operators that your Kangaroo card did, it will just have a new name.

You can check to see how long is left on your season ticket or top up your card just the same as before, at the Travel Centre in Broadmarsh or at one of our on-street ticket machines (there are now over 70 across Greater Nottingham). Online account management, including online top up will be coming soon.

Your Robin Hood season card will be accepted on all buses, trams and trains within the Robin Hood network area – just as they are at the moment.


Paper day tickets currently purchased on-bus, at stop or at-station, are also changing their name from Kangaroo to Robin Hood. From April 25th 2016, your ticket will have the Robin Hood logo on it. There is no change to the way these tickets are purchased or used, just a new name.


The Robin Hood card family has grown and now includes season tickets for adults, under 18's and students. New cards are being added to the Robin Hood family in the near future. Adult, Under 18 and Student Season cards will be available for 1, 3, 6 or 12 month season card, for unlimited travel on bus, tram or train within the Robin Hood network.


Unfortunately the Robin Hood pay-as-you-go card is not currently valid on our services.

For more information contact us on 01773 714 013 or email


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