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The following conditions of issue and use apply to all variants of genie, which are enabled for travel. Any use of a genie card is subject to the rules as set out below, which may be amended from time to time.

1. The card remains the property of (the Company) and must be surrendered to an authorised representative on request.

2. Genie smartcards with stored period passes count down on a consecutive days basis, irrespective of use, until the expiry date allowing unlimited valid travel on each day, until all days have been used.

3. Genie smartcards can also be used to store cash deducting the fare for each journey they make. The genie smartcard can have cash values added by topping up directly onboard the bus or via

4. Top-ups made online can take up to 3 working days between the time of top-up and the information being passed to the bus. This allows the transaction to be authorised by the bank or building society before money is credited on to the card. Payment confirmation is not proof that a genie card has been credited for travel and customers should use an alternative payment method on the bus if their genie card has not been credited.

5. Genie cards are not a cheque guarantee or credit/debit card.

6. Debit or Credit cards can be used for payments on our website at American Express and Electron cards are not accepted for payment.

7. Customers travelling with a genie card are subject to the Company’s normal Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

8. Genie cards can be used on all yourbus registered services, within the advertised boundary points. City period passes and tickets can only be used in the specified city boundary, thereafter an additional ticket must be purchased for onward travel outside the specified city boundary.

9. A genie card showing a photograph may only be used by the registered cardholder and is non transferable. If a person other than the registered cardholder attempts to use the card, an authorised yourbus representative has the right to retain the card to avoid future use and the user and any such person party to such use will be liable for prosecution.

10. If required the photograph on a genie card must at all times be a true likeness of the holder. In the event of a significant change of appearance, the Company reserves the right to request the holder obtain a new genie card with a most recent photograph to show a true likeness of the holder.

11. Where a genie card is stolen, lost, damaged or otherwise unusable, the holder must notify the Company immediately. Once notified, the Company will invalidate the card.

12. The Company will issue a replacement genie card on the next working day after notification. The company will not pay any additional travel costs incurred during this time.

13. The registered cardholder must notify the Company immediately about any changes of details (e.g. married name, address) since the first genie card was issued.

14. The Company reserves the right not to issue, renew or add value to any genie card without stating a reason.

15. The Company does not undertake to refund or replace any genie card that has been lost, stolen, unused (including partially unused) or forfeited.

16. The Company may from time to time contact the registered cardholder with offers of goods and services from yourbus. First time genie card applicants may apply to be removed from the promotional list. Alternatively, please notify the Company in writing to yourbus, Heanor Gate Industrial Estate, Heanor Gate Road, Heanor, Derbyshire, DE75 7RJ or by email to stating your name, address and genie card number.

A genie is an electronic smart card issued by Dunn Motor Traction Ltd t/a yourbus (the Company) for travel on yourbus at all times.


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